Access Management

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Active, Regular UTK employees can

  • Request key or card external or internal access to buildings or rooms on the Knoxville campus for
    • Yourself
    • Another active UTK employee
    • Active UTK student (enrolled, registered or eligible to enroll) *
    • Person not affiliated with UTK *
    • Multiple employees and/or students from spreadsheet for single area *
    • Multiple employees and/or students from spreadsheet for multiple areas *
    * Keys can only be assigned to UTK employees, so keys for a student or Non-UTK person are assigned to the person entering the request
  • View your access request history
  • View your issued keys
  • View your card access

Financial/IRIS and Building Approvers can

  • Approve/decline access requests
  • Building Approvers can assign people to access groups for card access
  • View persons with access based on your cost centers
  • View persons with key access to your buildings
  • View persons with card access to your buildings
  • View requests for your cost centers or buildings, or by person

Cost Center Owners can

  • View terminated employees with keys for all your cost centers
  • View employees with keys who have changed from/to your cost centers

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