Steps for Downloading Software

  1. Make sure you have several gigabytes of spare disk space per application.
  2. Unless you are renewing software you already have installed, make sure you use a fast network connection; the files are large.
  3. Make a selection below, fill in the number of copies and click "Download selected item."
  4. Follow the web page instructions until the file download dialog box appears, then choose "save" not "open" and take note of where you save the downloaded file. It is called a "zip" file.
  5. Double-click on the zip file to automatically extract the installation files. Take note of the location of the folder. Don't change the folder setting unless you are an advanced user. Once this step is complete, you can delete the zip file to save disk space.
  6. Go to the folder where the files were extracted. Read the "How to Install" document first. It will contain all serial numbers and license codes.
  7. You can delete the installation files that you extracted to save disk space.

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